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.A.I. Closed Beta Test

Beta Test Sign-ups are avalible for a limited time only! If you have been selected you will recieve an E-Mail/Text message from us with more information on this event. Many may enter, only a few will be selected!


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5-13-2017 News: We have uploaded an experimental version of the .A.I. BETA project/program on CodePen. You can view it HERE.

The current version is 0.1.6 BETA.
Please Note: Read our terms of use/service and Privacy Policy for legal information and terms of agreement for using D.O.F.T. created programs/projects.

We have also developed a new search system for this website, as well as adding a "pager" system in the "News Articles".

-D.O.F.T. Admin-


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We are a company that develops new programs for the public to use along with entertainment and latest news (Some days this site is not updated with new articles to read.).


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Recent Updates

We have discovered a few suspicious errors/links in two of our game pages.

These games were created using a game maker program.

The sources appear to have been "updated" or changed from the game to an advertisement.

For all of our user's safety and protection, we have removed these links/sources from being accessed by the public.

We are currently investigating this issue.

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